» Bariloche

If you feel the need to escape the heat of the city, the cool environment of Bariloche is the perfect place for you. Also known as ‘San Carlos de Bariloche’, this city is one tourist destination that people tend to fall in love with. Surrounded by wide lakes and high mountains, this city has inherited various cultures and ethnicities. They also have ski resorts for those travelers and tourists who prefer an adventure atop mountains and terrains.

» Las Lenas

Located a few kilometers away from the City of Mendoza is Las Lenas. Famous for its sunshine and good wine, this ski resort is the paradise for extreme ski and snowboarding with options for beginners and intermediate skiers. Plenty of people consider Las Lenas as one of the most important ski resorts in Argentina as its 230 hectares of skiable surface features a quality of snow which has been known worldwide. Las Lenas has 1,200-meter slope ranges from its summit, a height of 3,430 meters and the length of 2,240 meters going down to its base.

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