» Portillo

Ski Portillo Chile or known simply as Portillo is a ski resort located 160 kilometers from Santiago, Chile, near the city of Los Andes. Its summit rises 2880 meters above sea level and its highest point reaches 3332 meters above sea level. The Portillo ski resort offers a total of 23 fun ski trails and 12 top-of-the-line lifts that service you towards the runs.

The road towards Portillo offers a scenic and safe view of the countryside. During the last 60 years, Portillo has gained a reputation for being one of the most unique ski and snowboard areas of the world. Ski and snowboarders of all levels can enjoy the runs and trails of Portillo. For those first time skiers, there is a ski school in Portillo that offers private instruction 7 days a week and group classes beginning on Sundays. Children from 4 to 6 years old can also attend a special ski program called the Kids Camp.

» Ski Arpa

Known to be the only cat skiing resort in Chile, El Arpa – “The Harp” –has a rarely refreshing jolt that hides in the secluded part of the Andes. Its placid atmosphere elicited by 4000 acres of snow-covered mountains for skiing conceals a dose of excitement with a summit that’s 3740 meters high and a steep vertical drop of 1050 meters.

At its summit, Ski Arpa grants a breathtaking view of the majestic Cerro Aconcagua, America’s highest mountain and the highest mountain in the world outside Asia as it stands proudly tall at 22, 841 feet. From there, the extreme and uninterrupted 1050-meter drop kicks off to give cat skiers a challenging and exciting cat skiing escapade that is unlike any other, and incomparable to the experiences offered by other ski resorts. Nothing is more authentic and exhilarating than skiing downhill the steep slopes of Ski Arpa.

» Termas de Chillan

Termas de Chillan, which means the “Spas of Chillán”, soars 1,650 meters above sea level on the slopes of the Chillán Volcano amidst the invigorating mountain air. With its location of about 82 kilometers from the flurry of the Chilean city of Chillán and almost 500 kilometers away from Santiago, Chile’s capital and largest city, Termas de Chillán was originally famous for its hot springs. Now, it is also the abode of a modern Ski Center and 3 hotels – one of which is the 5-star Gran Hotel that features a casino and a thermal spa.

» Valle Nevado

Valle Nevado ski resort offers the widest skiable acres in South America as well as Chile’s highest quality snow. Nestled way above 3,000 meters right in the heart of Andes, the resort catches the picturesque view of the Chilean Andes’ wonderful summits. Also, having more than 23,000 acres of skiable terrains, Valle Nevado has already hosted several winter games competition like the World Cup of Snowboard and the FIS World Cup circuit. No wonder why skiers from different parts of the globe flock the resort to experience the unique and authentic Andean powder adventure. Aside from the variety of powder snow sports, Valle Nevado also takes pride in its modern infrastructures, equipments, and the most advanced Andes Express ski lift.

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